Email: Suggestion and a idea inspired from last Peter Schiff and Joe Rogan podcast

September 4, 2017

Hello Peter Schiff,

Today I am thinking about what you said on the podcast and that Bitcoin is not backed with anything and does not have a real value (which is true), but what if Gold Money adds a service, where Bitcoin can be exchanged for gold.

Solution 1.
Gold Money cryptocurrency, which can be exchanged only for gold
– generating coins from mining and value is based on market exchange for gold
– generating coins based on the available gold, 1 gram = 1 Gold Money Coin
Solution 2
Account that can exchange Gold Money <> Bitcoin (available trough
Solution 3
Account that can exchange Gold Money <> USD, EUR… <> Bitcoin (available trough
Solution 4
Gold Money Wallet on top of Bitcoin, where each received Bitcoin is converted to gold when received and converted to Bitcoin when sent.

Thank you for your time and I hope to get your thoughts on this with reply to this email or in one of your podcasts.

Best regards,


Ivan Gospodinow,
Web Developer,
Web Consultant,


here it is, 26 days later :

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