• Monty Hall Problem in PHP

    November 23, 2016

    define('HAS_PRICE', true); define('HAS_NO_PRICE', false); $tries = 0; $won = 0; $wonFirst = 0; $i = 0; $pick = 0; /** * Bottom line, you play against being wrong the first time */ while (++$i

  • HTTP Request showing progress on background task without ajax

    November 17, 2016

    The idea: show progress for process that is running in the background Execution: takes advantage of the fact that JavaScript is loaded in parallel ignore_user_abort(); set_time_limit(3600); session_write_close(); @ob_end_clean(); @ob_end_flush(); @header('Content-Encoding: text/html'); echo 'I am doing some very very very long job '; $taskId = uniqueId(); touch($taskId); echo ''; echo 'Doing it '; while (file_exists($taskId)) { […]

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